Letters: Recollections After 56 Years In Iowa

I spent the holiday down in Scottsdale, Arizona. While it is a great place to be while the weather up north is bad, it is still not like it used to be over the holidays. As a kid, we always had it up at our farm. Now I am sure that I suffer from a selective memory, but all my recollections contain a thick, new blanket of snow. My dad was always fiddling with the fire or the wood-burning stove in the kitchen. He used to say that our house in the winter reminded him of an old Volkswagen "bug" he used to drive as a kid. The kitchen where the wood-burning cookstove was always felt like it was 90 degrees. As you fanned out from the kitchen, the temperature fell quickly. He said it reminded him of that car because when you turned on the heat it would burn the hair off your ankles, but you could still see your breath. I am sure a few of you can sympathize with this story. He also had an outhouse as a kid and would remind my brother and sister and me about how lucky we were to go to the bathroom on a seat that wasn’t frozen. Oh, well. I guess we really did have it pretty good. As the story goes, my dad walked to school uphill both ways, too.

Source : https://qctimes.com/opinion/column-coping-with-covid-traumatic-stress-disorder/article_9c17e435-d802-56f5-a369-8d0690ad7510.html