Des Moines Public Schools To Offer Coronavirus Rapid Tests At Drive Thru Sites

Prior to early 2020, the average person never uttered the word ‘coronavirus’ and had no reason to think they would soon be part of a global effort to practice social distancing. As the COVID-19 surged, these terms, and others, became commonplace in news reports and daily conversations. 

Stacker consulted encyclopedias and public health websites to compile a list of 25 virology terms. These terms help build background knowledge on what viruses are, how contagious they are, how they work in living cells, how they spread, and how they affect humans. These definitions illustrate the difference between the common cold and the COVID-19 virus and why COVID-19 is so deadly. The terms also help show why self-isolation and quarantine—as well as social distancing—are critical, as these practices help “flatten the curve” and prevent an exponential rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths. This story will also highlight terms such as capsid, R0, and zoonosis that are increasingly used in news stories.

Keep reading for fast lessons in droplet spread, community transmission, quarantine, and many more COVID-19-related terms.

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